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6th Principal Meridian
Sections run 1-36 Townships run 12 North - 57 North Ranges run from 60 West - 121 West Example: Enter 14 into Township and 100 into Range (important do not enter a direction when searching the 6th P.M.).
Wind River Meridian
Sections run 1-36 Townships run 1 - 8 North or South Ranges run from 1 - 6 East or West
Example: Enter 1.0S into Township and 3.0E into Range
E=Expired, T=Terminated, R=Relinquished, C=Canceled, O=Operating
If no results are displayed when searching by section township and range the land may have been resurveyed. try Search Again leaving the * in Section and entering Township, and Range

Section: Township: Range: